About Me

Morgan Orangi

After studying how visual artifacts tell stories as an art history major, I took on a storytelling role of my own. I used to digital media to create and share the stories of Davidson College. Even more than the content strategy, I loved the process of creating that content–finding the hook, getting to know the topic from multiple perspectives, and seeing how it connected to the overarching narrative.

As a Master’s in Human-Computer Interaction student at Georgia Tech, I’m learning how those elements of storytelling translate to user research methods and interaction design. The ability to empathize has always been an important part of my work, and is increasingly so as I become a strong advocate for the user. I’ve found that I gravitate towards roles that emphasize service design, design strategy, and research on projects that have a social and cultural impact.

People are at the center of everything I do. I love getting to know the varied perspectives in the world¬†whether it’s in an interview for research or just chatting with the person next to me on a flight.

Fast (Slightly Random) Facts

10 Countries: Since studying in Valencia, Spain and learning about a different culture firsthand, I have made an effort to visit and experience as many places as possible. The summer after studying in Spain, I spent six weeks in India learning about social entrepreneurship.

1 Side Business: Painting a dog portrait for a friend turned into a small side business called “Pawtraits by Mo.”

5 Strengths: According to Strengths Finder, my top 5 strengths are Learner, Strategic, Ideation, Individualization, and Woo. P.S. I might be a little too into personality assessments.

26 Cheeses: I sampled 26 delicious cheeses at the Atlanta Cheese Fest last fall, and that was the moment I discovered my cheese limit.

6.2 Miles: My father motivated me to get into running, and now we run the Bluegrass 10,000 together each 4th of July.

4 Ingredients: Bacon, egg, cheese, bread. These ingredients make up my ideal sandwich/meal.

Ever Expanding Number of Interests: I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t read about a new topic or hear a new term from someone that I want to learn more about.