Ask a Wildcat: Site to Bring New Wildcats on Board

As part of the digital communications team at Davidson College, I worked on annual yield projects for the admission office. The idea is to engage admitted students during the ~5 week period between when they receive their acceptance and make a decision about where to attend. The projects were always time-intensive, and so we always wanted to create products that had uses beyond this period.

For the 2016 cycle, we met with admissions and decided to focus on creating a sense of place and connection to current students through quick snapshots of student life. Inspired by the “Ask Me Anything” series, we went with the theme of “Ask a Wildcat” where admitted students could submit questions to us, we would film current students responding, and post the edited video (ideally within 48 hours). We filmed using iPhones, selfie-sticks and shot-gun mics to maintain a casual tone, minimize equipment prep, and avoid intimidating the students we approached for responses.

Admissions was pleased with the project and yield rate, and we received positive feedback from admitted students and others who saw the site.

Ask a Wildcat from Davidson College on Vimeo.